Best seasons for road trips

The time of year you choose to road trip plays a significant impact on the overall experience.

Spring and Autumn would have to be my favourite times to road trip for *most areas. During spring everything is blooming and green. This is when the countryside is generally looking its very best. This has personally led to some of my most memorable journeys.

Autumn on the other hand let’s you experience incredible foilage color as trees begin their hibernation. However, timing here is critical! The best color is generally seen within a very short period. This may be days, a week or two at most.

Summer can be a good time to explore in more temporate regions, however the heat has its downsides. This is expecially true when it comes to hiking and exploring arid areas. These activities could be completely off-limits except for the few hours surrounding sunrise / sunset.

Winter offers stunning scenes of snow and ice in alpine areas, however plan carefully. I’ve done some fantastic winter road trips but be prepared with the appropriate equipment. A shovel, snow tires / chains are an absolute must in some regions. Winter also brings dangerous driving conditions as snow and ice may settle on the road. It’s also when countless roads are affected by winter road closures.

My final piece of advice would be to avoid the school holidays! Otherwise be prepared for:

  1. Crowds, crowds and more crowds!
  2. Lines and booked out attractions and accomodation.
  3. Paying a premium for accomodation, that’s if it’s even available!

When is your favourite seasons to road trip?

Do you have any advice to share?